Operations and Administration

Here is an overview of the internal workings of the Board 

Operations and Maintenance

  • Receipt of evidence of payment and completed pension documents together with credentials both originals and duplicates and personal files from the retiring officer.
  • Opening of file and assignment of Identification/File No. to the retiring officer by the relevant Desk Officers.
  • Computation of Terminal Benefit for onward transmission to the office of Auditor-General for Local Government for verification and certification by the Desk Officers.
  • Final approval of the duly verified and certified computations by the Board.
  • Issuance of Pension Certificate.
  • Placement of retiree on payroll upon due approval in case of retired primary school teachers and issuance of pension authority in the case of retired Local Government retirees.
  • Internal control through prepayment check by the Internal Auditor and Director of Budget.